About Us

Prince & Pom is an online boutique featuring unique, ethically sourced, handcrafted home décor made on a sustainable scale. The idea for Prince & Pom blossomed from a love of decorating, a passion for creativity, and unrelenting dedication to making the world a better & more beautiful place.

In addition to original designs, we collaborate with talented artisans and small businesses with common principles to bring you unique, premium home décor. A world without pattern, texture and color is a world we don't want to imagine.

With that in mind, we choose handcrafted products that are made with the finest materials and timelessly complement any home or style. Our collection is carefully curated so each product can be utilized as both a stand-alone statement piece or cohesively paired with complementary decor to change the aesthetic of a room.

We cater to those who, like us, the generic appeal of mass production is lost on - those who value the craftmanship of handmade goods, the unique designs of talented artisans, and those who prioritize the well-being of our planet.

We believe the quality of a hand-woven basket or the beauty of a hand-stitched quilt cannot be duplicated and the effortless charm they add to your home is unmatchable. We value knowing every sale directly supports independent artisans who are following ethical & sustainable practices while creating their products.


In addition to prioritizing a sustainably sourced inventory, we use biodegradable, recyclable and eco-friendly packaging materials whenever possible. When shipping delicate products & required to use additional packaging, we will reuse necessary shipping materials to ensure your order arrives in perfect condition.

Our goal is to consistently bring you unique, timeless, high quality decorative home accents you can feel good about.


Prince & Pom About Us


In keeping with the themes of love, passion and dedication the name ‘Prince & Pom’ was coined for owner, Reilly O'Connor Goldberg's childhood cat nicknamed "Prince" and "Pom" for her loving Pomeranian and loyal companion, Hamilton.

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