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How to Hang Wall Baskets in 5 Easy Steps - Woven Basket Wall Decor

How to: Woven Basket Wall Art

Basket weaving is a craft that originated centuries ago and has been an ongoing part of our world since. Historically, baskets of all shapes and sizes were used for more functional purposes. Although their functionality certainly still persists, woven baskets are now a common addition to many household's aesthetic.

We are thrilled that these unique, handmade woven baskets are being displayed and appreciated in homes all over the world. We love showcasing a large woven bowl as the centerpiece on a table or having one in the kitchen as a decorative fruit bowl but hanging these baskets on a wall as a beautiful and unique wall display is our favorite. The color, depth, and texture they add as wall décor is second to none & we'd love to show you how to create basket wall art in your own home! 

step 1 pick your wall baskets

Big, small, medium, pink, black, green-the options are endless! We love colorful wall décor but also adore neutral accents. We love to mix sizes, colors and patterns but there's no wrong way to do it. You can choose to hang one basket or twenty- we decided on 4 large, 12 inch baskets and 5 small, 8 inch baskets.

Below are a few of our favorite baskets, not only because they are so well-made and absolutely gorgeous, but each one comes with a loop sewn into the back to make hanging them extra easy (pictured along with the side-eye of our sidekick).

If your baskets don't have these loops try using a sewing needle with a large eye like this and weave twine through the back of the basket to form your own loop.

 Olive Green Woven BasketPink Woven BasketBlack and White Wall basket

Grey Woven Basket

step 2 get your hanging materials

Why drill multiple holes in your walls when you can easily use (and adjust) these handy little guys? This pack of clear command strips has small hooks that perfectly support the small and large baskets we used.

command strips for wall baskets

step 3 apply your hooks

Since baskets come in different sizes and the number you'll be using varies, mapping out where you'll hang them will be different for every wall. We eyeballed where we wanted the larger baskets to go (you'll want the center of the display to be approximately at eye level), applied the hooks then planned the smaller ones accordingly. Since we prefer an asymmetrical look, and circular baskets are automatically level, no measuring tools were necessary. Plus, the adjustable command strips make repositioning simple. 

Hanging Wall Art

step 4 hang baskets on the wall

It's time to hang your baskets! We rearranged ours a few times until they were just right. What makes this wall art even better is how easily baskets can be switched out and new colors and patterns can be added in-all without damaging your walls.

before & after



step 5 share your wall!

We'd love to see how your basket wall art turned out!

Basket Wall Art


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I love the two baskets that I ordered, and think this is just an absolutely wonderful idea! Thank you!


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